Give the gift of peace

Across the world, violent extremism, failing peace processes, unfair elections and hunger turn peaceful communities into troubled places! We are determined to break down these barriers to peace and need your help to make it happen. Start a fundraising campaign today and give the world the gift of peace.

How it works

Your own fundraising campaign in three simple steps:

1. Choose your event

Turn events such as your birthday, wedding, marathon run into a fundraiser. The funds you raise will help bring peace to the world.

2. Spread the word

Let everyone know that you want to make your event count! Share your fundraiser on social media and by email.

3. Collect donations

Get your family and friends involved by asking them to donate. Further increase donations by regularly updating them about your campaign.

Your Event


Use your birthday to help bring peace to the world. Instead of asking for gifts, ask for donations!


Your upcoming wedding is a great opportunity to ask family and friends to donate for peace!

Sporting event

Are you participating in a marathon, walkathon, golf tournament, or mountain climb soon? Whatever your sporting event, you can use it to raise money for peace!


Use events such as your graduation, wedding anniversary, or bungee jump to help remove the barriers to peace!

Let us inspire you

Our favourite campaigns: not only creative but also successful.

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