About this platform

'Thank you for fundraising with us. You are enabling my small team and myself to mobilise the action required to create stable governance structures in the face of violence, hunger, and injustices worldwide. Without your support, our impartial, and independent interventions would be impossible to launch and to sustain. The fault lines in our world require urgent intervention to safeguard human dignity, peace, development, and human rights, and your fundraisers enable us to act.'

Kofi Annan, Chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation

About us

The Kofi Annan Foundation works to break down the barriers to peace! By mobilising political will, we overcome barriers to peace but also to development and human rights. Every cent you raise will help us tackle those barriers one at a time: Unfair elections, hunger, collapsing peace talks, and violent extremism. We are a small team of 15 and every cent empowers our projects directly! Thank you for supporting us!